Ramp Functional Nutrition

Ramp! Up the Day

Vanilla Milkshake Daily Nutrition Shake to Support Energy, Attention, and Stress.

Ramp! Down the NIGHT

Sour Berry Fizz Relaxation Drink for Muscle and Mental Relaxation. Melatonin-Free.

$24.99 (REG $29.99)

Critical Nutrition for Rapid Growth and Development

Tweens and teens in the US often fail to meet dietary recommendations for overall nutritional status. This includes specific key nutrient intakes, such as fiber, calcium,and vitamin D.

Support for Common Teen Challenges

A recent study found that 30% of teens feel overwhelmed by stress and up to 70% get less than the recommended sleep for their age.

Feeling the love...

"I've noticed bedtime is going a lot better, he is calmer and falling asleep faster instead of tossing and turning and delaying bedtime. He also loves the flavor."

Jill K.

"We've tried a lot of different things to settle down for bed in the evening. Our whole family is reaping the positive effects of our son getting enough sleep each night. TY!"


"Super Star benefits. Tastes great- my boys love when I make a popsicle with Ramp Down the Night."

Jill B.