Bigger Kids, Bigger Problems.

As moms to two boys each, Annie and Simona know all about the growing pains that come with the transition from childhood to adolescence. From ADHD to anxiety and sleep troubles, they know firsthand about the issues that pre-teens and teens face, and how challenging it is for both kids (and their parents).

For years, Simona made a "nighttime drink" to help her boys to wind down and sleep through the night. And, both Annie and Simona frequently made morning smoothies to help prepare their kids for the day. With nothing formulated to specifically meet their children's needs, they resorted to mixing individual products, which was both time-consuming and expensive (and often did not taste great!).

While working in the baby formula category, Simona noticed many parallels between the rapid development of infancy and the quick changes that take place during adolescence. And then, during a challenging time with her eldest, Annie, who is also a trained Naturopathic Doctor with a Masters in Nutrition Sciences, had a moment of inspiration - a line of products that would enhance the resilience of teens through curated nutrition.

Both Annie and Simona noted a major gap in the pre-teen/teen nutrition market. Subsequently, over the next two years, they worked on launch formulations, garnering feedback from regulatory specialists and functional medicine practitioners. Ramp! was born!

Our Mission

To meaningfully support and nurture parents and youth during the rapid changes of adolescence through education, community, and curated nutrition.

Our values
Reflect How we approach our own parenting journeys.

We are Committed. 

We honour both perseverance and change - whichever is called for. Focus and flexibility are our super-powers.

We are Attuned. 

We see the challenges that teens and families are faced with and we respond with easy to implement solutions. We innovate and iterate based on feedback.

We are Accountable. 

We show up honestly for one another, our community and ourselves. We are responsible and responsive.

We are Kind. 

We lead with our hearts and are guided by compassion. We buoy up one another through our intentions, words, and actions.

No Compromise Approach to Safety. 

Our products are formulated by medical and regulatory professionals. They are produced in a U.S., GMP, NSF-Certified facility. All batches are 3rd party tested for nutrition and contaminants.


As a part of our mission to connect families with resources to support their parenting journey, we're pleased to share the Parenting Teens Podcast with Annie & Simona.

In this short-form podcast, we invite experts from a diverse range of backgrounds to answer your questions about tween and teen health and wellbeing. Join us!