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Celebrating Extraordinary Teens and Their Unique Contributions

Are you ready to shine a spotlight on an exceptional tween or teen in your life?

Introducing the Teen Trailblazers Award, a monthly contest with a $500 cash prize that honors the incredible achievements, passions, and gifts of everyday teens.

Keep reading to learn more about our monthly Award, Eligibility, and How to Enter!

Recognize & Celebrate

We believe in recognizing and celebrating the remarkable talents and contributions of young individuals.

Whether it's through creative arts, community service, overcoming adversity, entrepreneurship, innovation, STEM, or sports and athletics, we want to hear their inspiring stories.


Teen Trailblazers relies on nominations from parents or guardians who have witnessed firsthand the impact these extraordinary kids have made.

Tweens or teens who are 10 - 18 years old and have demonstrated achievement, excellence, or dedication in any of the following areas, are eligible for consideration:

Creative arts: Acting, band/musical group, dance, vocal performance, writing

Community contribution: Public service, volunteering, community projects

Overcoming adversity: Inspiring stories of resilience and triumph

Entrepreneurship, innovation, STEM: Cutting-edge ideas and contributions to the field

Sports & athletics: Remarkable achievements in sports, dedication, and sportsmanship

Selection Process

Every month, Ramp! founders will review and carefully select a story that touches our hearts while ensuring a diverse representation among the award recipients. We understand the importance of inclusivity and the power of highlighting the achievements of tweens and teens from all walks of life.

Celebrate Teen Trailblazers

Submit your nominations and help us uncover the hidden gems of teen brilliance. Together, let's honor and support these young trailblazers as they continue to make their mark on the world.

By participating in the Teen Trailblazers Award, not only will these extraordinary teens receive a $500 prize and well-deserved recognition, but their stories will also inspire countless others, proving that age is no barrier to making a positive impact in the world.

Stay tuned for updates on our monthly winners, inspiring stories, and exclusive interviews. Be part of this incredible journey and let the world know that our teens are the true trailblazers of tomorrow!


Do you have any questions about our Teen Trailblazer Award? Let us know!