Ramp! Up your teen’s breakfast with this protein-packed, nutrient-rich fudgy chocolate smoothie. Thanks to Ramp! Up the Day, your teen will be provided with 8g of high quality, plant-based protein per serving to keep them going throughout the morning. This delicious smoothie recipe for teens bumps up the protein and satiety factor with additional Greek yogurt and nut butter.

Before we dive into this quick and easy breakfast option for teens, let’s tackle some frequently asked smoothie questions!

What is a protein smoothie?
We’ve all seen the aisles of protein powder in the grocery! Since most call for the addition of powder to liquid, a protein smoothie is a small twist on these directions. Instead of mixing protein powder with water, a protein smoothie features additional ingredients and nutrients, for a more balanced snack or meal!

Is a protein smoothie an appropriate breakfast for my teen?
While we always encourage a varied total dietary pattern, which includes whole foods, we believe that a protein smoothie can be a great option for a balanced breakfast or snack for teens. Just make sure to include a source of protein, fiber and carbs to your breakfast smoothie for a nutritionally balanced and satiating option. Alternatively, your teen can pair a protein smoothie with some whole grain toast and fruit to bump up the satisfaction.

How can I add protein to my smoothies?
We’ve chosen to add one scoop Ramp! Up the Day to our protein smoothie because it offers 8g of plant-based protein, as well as high-quality nutrients to support focus, mood and attention in teens. We also added high-protein yogurt and nut butter to add staying power to this breakfast recipe. Alternatively, protein powder or silken tofu can be great options to boost protein.

Do I have to use banana in my smoothie recipes?
Bananas are often used to achieve a creamy texture. However, if you prefer not to use banana, there are a ton of other great ways to achieve a delicious smoothie. Some options include: frozen avocado, frozen mango, frozen zucchini or extra yogurt for creaminess! Many recipes also call for ice cubes, which will help achieve the desired texture.

How can I incorporate protein smoothies into a healthy diet?
This recipe is a delicious and balanced addition to a day of eating. Remember, for your teen to have the going power they need, it is important to ensure they are eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as protein and healthy fats. Offering a variety of balanced meals and snacks will help keep your teen focused and satisfied.

Fudgy Chocolate Protein Smoothie for Teens Recipe

1 scoop of Ramp! Up the Day
8 oz (240 ml) of cow or plant-based milk
½ banana, fresh or frozen
¼ cup Greek or plant-based yogurt
1 tsp nut butter of your choice
3 ice cubes

Add milk, banana, yogurt, nut butter and ice cubes to a blender
Add 1 scoop of Ramp! Up
Blend until smooth
Serve immediately and enjoy!

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